10 October 2006


WELCOME! This blog provides some links to online (and other) resources for those with an interest in family and local history, especially in the north of Ireland. You will not need everything you see here; rather, you must scan, sift and select those resources which are of relevance for your assignment. And you can of course add other resources which relate to the needs of the work you will be doing on this assignment. (Links to Google and Wikipedia are available on the right of the main screen.) Much of what you will find is free. Do not pay for any information or links from these sites. This site is a useful starting point; you can return to the magazine site later. And look at this. Please post COMMENTS when you find items of particular value in each of these areas. Please make suggestions and nominate other sites and online resources which can be included here.

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Mike said...

Found a site which allows enquiry posts to be made;


It has local contributors